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Putting Ring on Hand

Applying for

PSA Marriage Certificate Application

as easy as 1 2 3 (Make queries, Verification, Standby for update)

If you are keen, let's get started and let's work on your application

Prepare the following documents after you have submitted the form below.

  • Copy of your valid passport

  • Copy of the authorization letter

See authorization letter template below

At this stage, we can only assist non-urgent applications as it will depend on what is the earliest available PSA booking date and time in the system.

Save $$ as discounts are always on offer (so don’t miss out!!)

We work super-fast! Our dedicated team will review all the details of your application and send you feedback, a confirmation email, and an invoice/payment instructions via email. Please ensure that you are fully committed to your decision, as cancellations may not always be possible.

Hassle-free indeed

  • All communications are via email / phone / website (save those $$ airplane tickets)

  • Payment via online bank transfer

  • Copy of your PSA Certificate will be sent via nominated email address

  • Original PSA Certificate will be sent via DHL and local courier to your mailing address in Philippines or abroad

Applicant Information for MVS

Complete Mailing Address
(ONLY if different from current address)

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